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You know how you enter someone's web site and you see a text that's as boring as hell? An official and full of itself kind of text? I don't feel like having a site like that. Of course I can write the benefits you will get from browsing the site, what here can fit you and such, but let's face it – this is my site. This is an area that I paid for so that I can express who I am – and sometimes I am not the neat and organized person that writes beautiful, high words. Sometimes I'm not the most representative person. After all, I'm just a human being. Like all people, like you. I curse, get angry, get sick or weak, I have drawbacks like everyone else, but occasionally I also have my bright moments in which I shine, and those glints are my paintings and my writings. You can see both on this site. Some of them will be more formalized and more characteristic of what is expected of me as an artist, and some will be who I really am. Your mission – choose what's suitable for you, and if you do not connect? That's okay, too.

I believe we live once (at least once which one manages to remember a small percentage of) so let's make this experience as authentic as possible for all sides involved..