My name is Zohar Rosenbookh. I was born in Eilat, but I live and paint in Petah Tikva.

Ever since I can remember I painted for my own pleasure.

During the years I studied with high standard painters – Amir Elkayam and Josef Ralt.

Between the years 1986-1989 I studied art with Amir Elkayam and came back as a student during 2006.

Between the years 2001-2004 I studied English linguistic and Jewish art in Bar-Ilan University.

In 2006 I was accepted to Be'er Sheva and the Negev artists association.

That year I also studied Graphic design in Ben-Gurion University's extension.

At the year 2007 I studied with the painter Josef Ralt.

For years I have been a salaried employee because I was told "You cannot make a living out of art". Until I decided I must do what I'm passionate about  – which happens to be Art, and make a living out of it, and today I'm happy.

I hope your visit to my site and browsing through my creations will bring you joy, and you are, off course, more than welcome to purchase them and contact me.

Yours truly,